Hardware For South Gippsland

We have become more than just a Timber Yard.

For over 50 years at Korumburra South, we have supplied Treated Pine Timber, treaded locally direct to the public. In 2021 we started the process to grow and develop this into more than just a timber yard, and today we are getting there....

Hardware is always evolving and changing but we feel we can now call ourselves more than just Fishers Timber!

Our Online Store Is Still Being Worked On!

Whilst we have had a website for a while, and we had set it to do sales, it didnt really do what we wanted...so now we are back at square one building a site that we want that we know will have everything our customers will want and need! Just give us a chance...technology like this is a little new and daugnting do us, but we will get there soon enough!!!