Collection: Fairbanks

Since 1988 Fairbanks has been a distributor and importer to the manufacturing, retail & trade outlets throughout Victoria.

Fairbanks began the wholesale business with lawn seed, fertilizer and garden chemicals in the late 70's. The current owner purchased the wholesale business in 1988 and has continued with this range, introducing hardware & products. 

Our product range includes:

  • Metal Door Frames
  • Water proofers
  • Garden fertilizers
  • Garden chemicals
  • Drainage
  • Steel Fence Posts
  • Galvanised Lintels
  • Damp course
  • Lawn Seeds
  • Tools
  • Shade Cloth
  • Steel Sections
  • Brick Ties
  • Concrete Products
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Timber Stakes
  • Timber Garden Edging
  • Wheel Barrows